Decoding Varun Dhawan’s Intense Fitness Routine

Given the need to look good at all times, actors need to make sure that they remain in good shape throughout their career. Despite their hectic professional commitments and shooting schedules, finding enough time to hit the gym and work out is a difficult task. But given the fact that fitness is an integral part of their profession, actors have been experimenting with their routines and figuring out various kinds of workouts to keep themselves fit and healthy. And one name that tops the list of fitness in Bollywood is Varun Dhawan.

The young talented actor has been flaunting a chiselled body on the silver screen since his debut and since then has only got better with each movie. Given his commitment to work, Varun makes sure that he is in top form even when he’s not in front of the camera and the lockdown was the best example. The Kalank actor took yoga lessons to keep himself healthy amid the pandemic as he wasn’t able to go to the gym and workout with his trainer. A true fitness enthusiast, Varun has been currently exploring animal flow workout and is often sharing a glimpse of it on social media.

While the actor continues to motivate his fans with his fitness posts, AskMen India shares all the intense activities that Varun includes in his fitness regime to stay in good shape.

Weight Training

While the fitness enthusiast has opted for newer methods of fitness amid the pandemic, weight training has always been his favourite. Despite his busy schedule, Varun makes sure that he never misses out on his gym sessions and he has even hired a personal fitness trainer to keep a tab on his progress. From concentrating on his upper body muscles to improving his core strength, Varun believes in following a circuit workout that includes all the major body muscles.


Never shy of flaunting his well-toned chiselled washboard abs in front of the camera, Varun’s intense workout routine includes many cardiovascular exercises. From running to skipping and dancing, Varun makes sure that he includes cardio workouts in his everyday routine to burn all the extra calories and pump up the adrenaline levels before an intense workout session. Given his love for fitness, Varun often indulges in friendly fitness competitions with his crew members during outdoor shoots.


Apart from stunning acting skills and good looks, Varun Dhawan is also a good dancer. A huge fan of veteran actor Govinda, Varun has worked with the likes of Remo D’Souza and Prabhudeva in films like ABCD and Street Dancer which gave him an opportunity to flaunt his impressive dance moves. Varun also shares a good camaraderie with several popular choreographers who have helped the actor improve his dancing skills and improve flexibility. Meanwhile, Varun often takes to his social media handles to share videos of his collaborations with his popular choreographer pals.

Core Strengthening

While Varun’s stellar performances have earned him a spot under the spotlight, the charismatic actor’s ripped body and washboard abs have helped him win millions of hearts. Not just upper body muscles, but Varun also focuses on core strengthening exercises to improve balance and body posture. His usual core exercises consist of crunches and knees to chest with various variations to target the back, shoulder, core and oblique muscles.

Animal Flow

Varun Dhawan, who is all set to team up with Kriti Sanon in his next Bhediya has integrated animal flow exercise in his daily routine to improve his on-screen performance. The young actor started practising this unique style of fitness right after his recovery from Covid-19 and hailed it as one of the best recovery exercises that helped him regain his stamina. A fun and innovative way of improving your fitness levels, Varun took online classes to learn this new art of fitness.


Varun love for WWE and wrestling introduced him to kickboxing and within no time, the actor became an ardent follower of the sport. The Badlapur actor has even included the high-intensity sport in his fitness routine and often shares a glimpse of it on Instagram. A total body workout that improves energy levels and reduces stress by releasing endorphins, kickboxing has helped Varun unlock new levels of fitness.


Joining the bandwagon of celebs, Varun also inculcated the ancient art form of yoga in his daily fitness routine amid the pandemic. Given the fact that the gym remained shut due to pandemic restrictions, yoga served as one of the best options to enhance one’s health while staying indoors. Varun has also used his social media popularity to motivate millions of followers to adopt a healthy lifestyle and focus on their fitness amid the current time of crisis and hailed yoga as one of the best exercises to do at home.

Varun Dhawan’s dedication and strict routine makes him a true fitness inspiration for all.

Cover artwork by Dhaval Punatar/AskMen India

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