Rob Riches’ 5-Step Approach To Full Body Workouts

As beneficial as isolation movements are in burning fat and toning your muscles, it’s impossible to be fit without having a holistic approach towards working out. Only when every part of your body is exercised and trained to work in tandem can you be strong and shredded from head to toe. This is why fitness trainers recommend full body workouts that include multi-joint and compound movements – fitness trainers like Rob Riches from the US, who has years of experience working in this industry and understands exactly what it takes for the human body to function at its best. Over a conversation with AskMen India, he shared his five-step approach to full-body workouts which everyone, from a beginner to an expert, should follow as a rule of thumb.

Warm up

Before you start working out, it’s important to get rid of all the stiffness accumulated in your muscles and joints. Moreover, you need a boost of blood circulation to get out of its state of dormancy. This can be achieved by performing a range of stretching exercises, like arm rotations, toe touches and side bends that warm up your body. Avoiding these may invite injuries which, in some serious cases, can be irreversible.

Perform compound movements first

Your energy levels are the highest at the beginning of a workout. Rob Riches, therefore, recommends dedicating this time to performing big movements. By this he means compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups at the same time. Examples include burpees, squat jumps, push-ups, barbell lunges and deadlifts. They get your entire body toned at once.

Increase the intensity

While compound exercises are a great way to begin your workout, Rob Riches says that in order to get the maximum results from your efforts, you must increase the intensity of the exercises with each set. This means that if you begin by performing two to three sets, you should go upto 4-5 sets halfway through. If you lift dumbbells weighing two kgs each, go upto four kgs once you get a hang of it.

Do not compromise on form and range of motion

Making progress in your workout, by way of increasing the weights or performing more reps and sets, is great. But, not at the cost of your form. Compromising on your posture and the alignment of your joints will do you more harm than good. Moreover, in order to reap the maximum benefits from your workout, you must always strive for a full range of motion. As your workout intensifies and becomes more tiring, make sure you don’t take these things for granted.

Get out of your comfort zone

Last but not the least among Rob Riches’ suggestions is to constantly challenge yourself. You may follow all the aforementioned pieces of advice but if you, despite that, are still in your comfort zone, you won’t get the results you’re craving for. You should strive to do things that you’re physically incapable of. Do what scares you. Do what you think is hard to achieve. Take baby steps towards those goals. It’s the only way to grow.

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