MS Dhoni’s Effective Training Routine Will Push Your Limits

A sportsperson like MS Dhoni is rare to come by. In the 16 years of his tenure as the captain of the Indian cricket team, he has won many laurels for the country. The most notable among them was the World Cup victory of 2007. India lifted the trophy after 28 years! His finishing helicopter shot is a historic moment etched in every cricket fan’s memory. However, that milestone was not reached by hitting that one sixer, but a crowning result of his team-building skills, presence of mind and calmness amidst chaos.

Every cricket player undergoes physical training, but the way MS Dhoni trained his mind is what set him apart from the crowd. While he’s known to be a sixer machine, an amazing sprinter and a tactful wicketkeeper, his attitude is still his biggest asset. Combined with his on-field skills, that gave way to a cricket career for generations to remember. AskMen India spills the secrets behind his holistic fitness:


Team practice

A majority of MS Dhoni’s workout routine comprises sports training. He loves practising with his entire team on the field and helping each other improve their reflexes, stamina and footwork. Not only does this get the players to bond well, but also enhances the understanding and coordination between them, which then reflects in their performances. Instead of trying to bulk up his body and look a certain way, MS Dhoni focuses on building his muscular strength, bone density and cardiovascular capacity, which are, after all, the hallmarks of a good cricket player.


Everyone knows how swift and smooth MS Dhoni is in running between the wickets. His sprinting skills are all thanks to his daily cardio workout, which comprises running and agility drills. He tries to cover short distances as fast as possible by keeping a tab on the time. Legend has it that he once beat Hardik Pandya, who’s half his age, in a 100 metre race. So much for sportspersons having a shelf life!


MS Dhoni is not too big on working out at the gym, but considering the long hours that some cricket matches go on for, dedicates an hour or two to it in a day to build his muscular strength and endurance. Some of his go-to exercises are dumbbell chest press, v grip pulldowns, one leg deadlifts and machine chest press. As a wicketkeeper, he’s required to crouch for long periods. For this, he practises squats and lunges and their variations.

Other sports

Every once in a while, MS Dhoni likes to switch things up and indulge in a match of football, badminton or golf. This gives him a change of scene and a new perspective in approaching his own game. It also pushes the boundaries of his physical fitness.


Home-cooked meals

Before MS Dhoni ventured into the world of cricket, he would have everything from butter chicken and naan to chocolates, milkshakes and soft drinks. Since making a career in sports required him to be fit and disciplined, he had to remove junk food from his diet. Today, his greatest indulgences are kebabs and healthy breads. His meals are portion-sized and prepared at home. They are heavy on protein and low on carbs and fats. His go-to lunch is chicken, pulses, rice, chapati and salad, whereas for dinner, he sticks to a chicken sandwich with curd or fresh juice.


Since MS Dhoni has to spend long hours on the cricket field, staying hydrated is of utmost importance in keeping his energy levels high. He’s known to have copious amounts of water throughout the day, along with protein shakes and fresh juices that give him a boost of electrolytes.

Love for dairy

Dairy products are MS Dhoni’s weakness. He’s said to have a lot of milk in a day, plus some yoghurt to go with his meals. This gives him a boost of micronutrients like calcium, vitamin D, potassium and phosphorus, which strengthen his muscles and bones and improve energy and endurance levels.

All hail Mahi for his hard work and the honour he’s brought to our country!

Cover artwork by Dhaval Punatar/AskMen India

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