Beats Solo Buds And Beats Solo 4 Release Dates Revealed

Beats has announced two new sets of headphones, including a new line called the Solo Buds, which are the smallest and most affordable in-ear Beats headphones. You’ll have to wait until summer to get your hands on the Solo Buds, which will be available on June 6, but the Solo 4 on-ear headphones go on sale from May 2.

The Beats Solo 4 headphones are the latest generation of the popular wireless on-ear line and offer upgrades in sound quality and battery life, with the latter now being 50 hours. They don’t offer active noise cancellation though, a feature you get on the Beats Studio Pro. The price has stayed the same at $199.99 in the US and £199.99 in the UK, and the Solo 4 headphones come in three colors: matte black, slate blue and cloud pink.

An update to the Solo line is exciting, though a new addition is even more so, and the Solo Buds look like an excellent new option for those who want more affordable in-ear headphones. They cost $79.99/£79.99, which is cheaper even than the Beats Studio Buds. Beats promises no compromises have been made on sound quality.

(Image credit: Beats)

Along with being cheaper than other Beats headphones, the Solo Buds are also smaller and have the smallest case of any of the brand’s headphones. This comes at a cost, however, in that the case doesn’t contain a battery to charge the buds. The good news there is that the buds themselves last 18 hours on a charge, which is impressive given their small size. You can charge the buds in their case by plugging it into a phone or laptop, and five minutes of charging provides an hour of playback.

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