Preparing Your Family for Fall Hygiene with Dial at Walmart

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It’s Fall Y’all! While Fall means sweater weather and pumpkin patches, it also means avoiding nasty colds and dry skin. As a mom, the last thing I need to deal with is the insanity of what a slight change in weather could do. So, I headed to my local Walmart to stock up on Dial® products for myself and my family this season.

We chose Dial® not only because they have some great scents for everyone to choose from but when I heard about their support of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America® organization, I was sold on purchasing their products. As a family, we’re always stoked to help our community by spending our dollars in a way that not only helps us as consumers but help others as a result of our purchase.

Dial® is a supporter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America® Healthy Futures™ program that teaches children all about health and hygiene while guiding them to a healthier future to reach their potential.  From January to December 31, 2019 Dial® aims to donate $100,000 toward the healthier future initiative and one of the children from the program even designed their special edition bottle. This means that you can purchase any Dial® products and give to the cause and make a big impact for a child in your community. As a mom of a toddler, building a healthier future totally aligns with what we are currently teaching our son about his health and hygiene. It is an important lesson for all children to learn early and it starts at home.

Some of the Dial® products that I picked up from Walmart’s hand soap and body wash aisle were Dial® Complete Foaming Hand Wash in the Scent Spring Water, the Dial® Complete Foaming Hand Wash in the Scent Spring Water Refill and the Dial® Kids Peachy Clean.

Washing Away Germs with Dial® Complete Foaming Hand Wash

Preparing Your Family for Fall Hygiene with Dial at Walmart

Although my son isn’t in school, he spends a ton of time playing, exploring and asserting his new -found independence from using the potty all on his own. Needless to say, we’re purchasing a lot of soap to keep his little hands squeaky clean. I am also a fan of keeping my husband and my germs at bay. He spends all day doing work for the military and one of the first requirements we have when he gets home is to wash his hands. Same for me! I tend to wash and wash again when I’m cooking and dealing with those germs in the kitchen.

The Dial® Complete Foaming Hand Wash and Refill are always my go to. As a family, we love that Dial® gets rid of dirt and bacteria while being gentle on hands. The foaming hand soap kills 99.99% of bacteriawhich is great for keeping away the colds that could come along with fall and everyday germs we encounter. We’ve implemented frequent hand washing which is a major step in staying hygiene healthy.

Keeping Clean with Dial® Kids Peachy Clean

Preparing Your Family for Fall Hygiene with Dial at Walmart

Another thing that we always do to be sure that our little one stays healthy and clean is make sure that he is taking frequent baths and wash ups. Between frequent travel and everyday occurrences, you would be surprised how many germs and impurities our bodies carry and it can be harmful for little ones. Giving kids a bath every night or frequently throughout the week guarantees that germs are washed away and not carried into the bed at bedtime.

The Dial® Peachy Clean scent makes bath time even better for little ones. Not only does it smell amazing but its super gentle on your little’s skin. As a plus, it’s a sensitive formula that’s hypoallergenic, pH balanced and dye free.

If you’re preparing for a fall, consider picking up Dial® products at Walmart or Shop Below to give back to an amazing cause + earn cash back on Ibotta while supplies last. What are your fall family hygiene rituals?




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