Conquering Back to School Adult Education with Pilot Pen

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Here on the blog, we are finally sharing some Amazing News. We are moving to Las Vegas! We are so excited to become Las Vegas locals (one of our favorite cities) and soak up all that the Western United States have to offer. This PCS is unlike any other for us. This time, my husband is a part of UNLV’s Green to Gold ROTC program in which he will train for two years in order to commission and become an officer in the United States Army. All while remaining Active Duty! So, while back to school is typically synonymous with kids, this time he is conquering back to school as an adult and Pilot Pen is helping him get ready for life in college full time!



If you’ve been to your local Walmart after the first week of July, you were probably as shocked as we were to discover all the back to school items. Is it that time of the year already? Nevertheless, we took a look to determine some of the things he would need for class and picked up a couple of Pilot Pen varieties which have been our favorite brand for both leisure and educational use.

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In this house, we run though pens fast! Between both of us being students and working in professions where writing things down is a necessity, we’ve grown quite a large Pilot Pen collection. Although, sometimes they disappear like socks in the dryer but I digress. Needless to say, we took this opportunity to pick up three styles to add our arsenal.

Shopping & Planning for Back to School as Adults

As a fulltime adult college student, we know that planning is essential.  He will constantly need to write things down and make changes in his schedule. That’s why we chose to pick up the FriXion Clicker erasable gel pens.  They are the number one selling erasable pen brand in America and for good reason! Who doesn’t love the look of writing in pen but also regret mistakes and not being able to correct them easily? FriXion Clicker erasable gel pens use a unique, thermo-sensitive ink formula that creates no wear or tear so you can erase and rewrite until it’s right without ruining your page. With trying to juggle both home, education and a professional lifestyle; having an erasable pen on hand can make a quick fix easy and painless!



We also picked up another 20 pack of G2 gel ink pens which included their NEW Neon colors. I’ll admit, I’m a pen thief and these are my absolute favorite. We loved that they came in a wide variety of colors and time and time again, it has been proven to be the longest writing gel ink pen among top brands with smooth writing and a comfortable grip. That means that these pens last a really long time which allows us to avoid purchasing over and over again during the time that he is in school and work. With 20 in a pack, I’ll usually swipe the vibrant colors for journaling and my planner while he uses the neutral colors in his uniform or in his book bag for class.

Lastly, we grabbed a restock of our black G2 5 pack. We have loved these since we first tried them and now it’s our go-to pen brand. Plus, you can never go wrong by keeping a classic black pen handy. What’s even better is that we discovered that G2 says this brand of pen is made for Overachievers. How is that for motivation? I am hoping that some of that rubs off on Elijah in school. We can all imagine how hard it is to “get back in the saddle”. Also, G2 has created initiatives to support their community with the amazing $100,000 G2 Overachievers grant and the $15,000 G2 Overachievers Student Grant. We always try to shop with a cause in mind and it feels good to know that our simple back to school shopping contributes to making a difference for young adults and business owners. To learn more about their initiatives, visit

While we are still figuring out this back to school journey for my husband and our move; we knew that Pilot Pen would be the first thing we would cross off our list. If you are back to school shopping for yourself or your kids, consider heading to your local Walmart to pick up one of the Pilot Pen collections from fountain to ballpoint, retractable, erasable & gel ink pens, whiteboard markers and more for every writing style. 









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